Boudoir of the Beaches Location Suggestions

If you need a location for your Boudoir Experience Photoshoot, we have compiled some tools, discounts and suggestions to help your search! These are the same resources we use when we plan our weekend Petite and Lavish Boudoir Events.

What to look for in a photoshoot location?

  • The most import feature of a location is the style. Does the room fit your style for the photos you dream of creating? Are you looking for modern, vintage or a retro look? The location style should fit your personal style and the style of lingerie and outfits you will be wearing.
  • The size of the location should accommodate having a few people in the room – you, the photographer and makeup artist/assistant/friend. We want you to feel safe and secure, so having enough room for your personal space is important.
  • Location comes into play depending on far you are willing to travel and if it is in the areas serviced by Boudoir of the Beaches.
  • Although everyone has a budget, Price should be the last thing you consider. Finding a lavish location for a photoshoot does not come cheap. Keep in mind that these are photos will most likely span generations and provide memories for you and your loved ones.
  • Need help? If you find a hotel room you love and are not sure, feel free to send us a link to the room and we will let you know how suitable it is for your photoshoot.


Location Search Tools

Here are some discounts and tools for finding a great Boudoir Photoshoot Location! Note that many hotels are sensitive to using their rooms for photoshoots, so we recommend that you do not mention this to hotel staff. Boudoir of the Beaches is not responsible for the condition of these 3rd Party Properties or having a photoshoot cancelled for any reason. airBNB-Logo Air B&B (Bed and Breakfast) is our favorite resource for Boudoir Photoshoots. It’s easy to find lavish private residences for any budget. What makes a private residence special is that you have full run of the property, using different room(s), bedroom(s) and available amenities. (Just be sure you are renting the full property and not a room.) We have a special $25 coupon code that cannot be published because of Air B&B restrictions, contact us if interested.

Groupon is another source for booking a hotel. We are part of the Groupon network and receive special extra discounts that offer even more savings! Since Groupon promotions change frequently and only last a day or so, contact us to see if there are any current promotions.

Hotel Room Search

Use our Travel Partner’s Hotel Room Search for finding great deals on a hotel room for specific dates and locations. Simply click on a city name to search that area.

West Palm Beach Hotels

Boca Raton Hotels

Fort Lauderdale Hotels

Miami Hotels


  • You can enter a specific location outside these major metropolitan areas – just pick a city to start the search and click Change Your Search next to the city.
  • We preselected a minimum of 3-Star Hotels. Anything less and you don’t know what to expect!
  • For Photoshoots, you want a large hotel room or suite so there is plenty of room to move around.
  • Use the hotel room images to get an idea of their size, layout and style.
  • Read some reviews to get a real-world insight into the property.
  • Be aware of check-in and check-out times and when your Boudoir Session is scheduled. It may be necessary to book for two nights if your session is during the day.
  • Do not book your B&B/Hotel until after your Boudoir Session Date & Time has been booked and confirmed!